About inEnglish

Hewn from the frustration that it is not easy for English language learners, living in China, to practice using English without an adequate English environment, we decided to create such an environment. Since making that decision, we have continued doggedly to stick to our mantra of bringing an English environment to students of English and to teachers of English.

Ambitious? Sure. Crazy? Quite possibly, but we think it just may work.

We are a small team of volunteers that are devoted to helping English language learners improve their English communication skills with other individuals who are also learning English, all done outside of the classroom in a real-world environment. We like to think that using English is far more productive than studying English.

关于 inEnglish



我们是一个由志愿者组成的小团队,致力于帮助英语学习者提高英语沟通技能,并提供英语交流互动环境,此都是在课堂之外的现实世界中实现的。 我们确信使用英语比学习英语更有成效。