Current Events

Improve your range of vocabulary usage, cognitive, affective, critical thinking and research skills using current events and controversial topics.

This course contains the equivalent grammar and vocabulary to the B1 Intermediate - B2 Independent level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 42-94 on the TOEFL iBT. 4.0-6.5 on the IELTS.

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10 Weeks
10 Topics
3 Students Enrolled
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Course + Feedback + Voice Chat


Course Overview

Current Events

In this 10-week course, you will explore a new topic each week. Each topic will include new vocabulary and plenty of exercises to help you learn how to communicate effectively. At the end of each lesson you will have a chance to demonstrate your comprehension and to practice your English communication skills by answering various types of questions.

What will you learn?
  • Use new vocabulary correctly by understanding it's English definition.
  • Get your point across by knowing how to speak argumentatively or persuasively.
  • Become a lifelong learner by knowing how to use nonfiction text to expand your knowledge base, solve problems and make decisions.
  • Be confident in regarding your English skills by lots of practice during the lesson and feedback from your native English teacher.

What is Included In The Course?

Individual Tutoring

Get personal and individual tutoring from within in a private group that only you and your teacher have access to. Use this space to ask questions, get clarification, and to review feedback left by your teacher.

Course Add-On

Voice Chat Through WeChat

Practice your pronunciation, rhythm and intonation and the demands of speaking in a real conversation by adding on voice chat with your teacher.

How Does It Work?

At pre-determined places during the lesson, when you see the WeChat logo, you will then place a voice call to your teacher. Each lesson will have two voice chat sessions. Each voice chat session will last thirty minutes.

Current Events


本课程包含了与 欧洲共同语言参考框架(CEFR)中 B1中级 - B2独立;TOEFL IBT 分数42-94。 雅思分数4.0-6.5水平相当的语法和词汇。






在此次为期10周的课程中,您将每周探索一个新的主题。 每个主题都将包括新词汇和大量练习,以帮助您学习如何有效沟通。 在每节课结束时,您将有机会通过回答各种类型的问题来展示您的理解能力,并练习您的英语沟通技巧。

  • 通过理解新词汇的英语定义来学会如何正确使用它们。
  • 通过了解如何有争议或有说服力地口语表达来展现您的观点。
  • 通过了解如何使用非小说来扩展知识库,解决问题和做出决策,成为终身学习者。
  • 在课程中通过大量练习和来自母语英语老师的反馈,使自己的英语技能充满信心。






练习您的发音,节奏和语调 以及 通过添加与老师的语音聊天,在真实对话中达到口语的要求。



  • Ada

    So far, I really like this class. Teacher James has showed me things I never thought of when speaking English. ~Thank you Teacher James