Let’s Write

When it comes to speaking and expressing yourself in English, if you can write it you can say it.

This course is suitable for all English levels.

1 Month
1 Essay/wk

About the Course

Let's Write

As a student of this class, you can write and submit one essay a week to me. I will then give you feedback on your essay and ask you to resubmit it with corrections. This feedback-and-resubmit cycle can happen up to three times during one week. This is called an iterative process because it iterates or repeats in a cycle with small changes being made each time it repeats. This repetition helps reinforce your learning.

In my comments, I not only correct your mistakes but I also explain why it is a mistake. My explanation may be very brief if it is based on a simple grammar rule or it may be quite in-depth if it deals with connotation (hidden or implied meaning), tradition, culture, or common usage. This is where you have an opportunity for deeper learning from each mistake.

This iterative review-and-comment cycle is all done by posting your writing within a private group. Depending on the length of my feedback I may leave a comment to your post or if my explanation is more in-depth I will provide a .pdf that you can download.

Let’s Write



1 个月
1 篇文章/周