One-Hundred Word Challenge #1

One-Hundred Word Challenge #1

…I heard them before I saw them…

Write your 100 word story here!

2 thoughts on “One-Hundred Word Challenge #1

  1. “The alien are coming!” I hear them shout. I crawl out of my hiding spot to see what is happening.

    “There,” I say to myself. I hear them before I see them, then, in the distance, I sight the aliens.
    “Where are they going?” I think.

    I start following them to see, but someone turns around and sees me. I start running and he starts shooting.

    “There they are!” I shout. I crouch down but he’s still coming to me.

    “Why me?” I shout to him. There’s no answer, so I keep running.

    This is the end – it has come.

    1. This is a well written story. I like how you used the word “sight”. The last line is also interesting. It gives the idea that you knew it would come down to this and now accept it.