Frequently Asked Questions

What is inEnglish, and who is it for?

inEnglish is an online English language community intended for people who love English. This includes students of the English language and teachers of the English language. Whether you are just getting started or are already fluent, inEnglish can provide you with an English environment to learn and practice using English.

How can I use inEnglish to help improve my English?

inEnglish has many different ways to help you improve your English. You can improve your communication skills by using writing prompts and receive beneficial feedback from the community and English teachers. For a more “interactive” approach, you can join a group to discuss a variety of topics. To build your vocabulary, you can check-in daily for our special 5 Words and 5 Sentences exercise. You can also ask the community a question about English.

How much does inEnglish cost?

We have two membership account types: students and teachers. For student memberships there are two tiers of membership, a free membership and a premium membership. If you are a teacher, email us at: [email protected]

What does the Premium Membership include?

A premium membership allows members to publish their own blogs and articles, take quizzes, recieve priority feedback on their writings, and reduced fees for online courses. Compare Membership Plans

What English level should I be to use inEnglish?

You should have basic reading and writing skills to get the most out of the inEnglish website.

What are writing prompts?

Writing prompts are an excellent tool to help English language learners to develop critical thinking skills, specific communication styles, and to overcome writer’s block. Writing prompts can help inspire new ideas and spark your imagination.

How do I create or update my profile?

View this tutorial to learn how to create your member profile.

I have a question about the English language. Where I can I ask it?

You may ask a question about English in our special inEnglish member question and answer area.



inEnglish是一个在线英语社区,面向所有热爱英语的人,包括英语学习者和英语教师。 无论您是英语刚入门还是已经达到流利,inEnglish都可以为您提供英语环境,供您学习和练习使用英语。


在inEnglish平台,有很多不同的方式可以帮助您提高英语水平。您可以通过使用此方式来提高您的沟通技能写作提示 并从社区和英语老师那里获得有益的反馈。而更“互动”的方法,即您可以加入群组 讨论各类主题。 想建立您的词汇,您可以每天登录查看以获取我们特有的5个单词和5个句子练习。您也可以 向社区提问 有关英语的问题。


如果您是老师,请发送电子邮件至[email protected]










您可以 对有关英语进行提问 在我们特定的inEnglish会员问答区域。