Frequently Asked Questions

What is inEnglish, and who is it for?

inEnglish is an online English language community intended for people who love English. This includes students of the English language and teachers of the English language. Whether you are just getting started or are already fluent, inEnglish can provide you with an English environment to learn and practice using English.

How much does inEnglish cost?

We have two membership account types: students and teachers. For student memberships there are two tiers of membership, a free membership and a premium membership. If you are a teacher, email us at: [email protected]

What does the Premium Membership include?

A premium membership allows members to publish their own blogs and articles, take quizzes, recieve priority feedback on their writings, and reduced fees for online courses.

What English level should I be to use inEnglish?

You should have basic reading and writing skills to get the most out of the inEnglish website.