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July 26, 2019

New York – America’s Eleventh State

New York is a state of the United States of America. It is located in the the mid-Atlantic and northeastern regions. It is bordered by Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania and also shares a a water border with Rhode Island and an international border with Canada. New York state covers an area of 54,556 sq. miles or 141,299 sq. kilometers. New York ranks the 27th state in the United States in terms of size. New York City is its largest city, while its capital is Albany.


In 1524, Giovanni da Verrazano, an Italian-born navigator, sailing for France discovered New York Bay. Henry Hudson, an Englishman employed by the Dutch, reached the bay and sailed up the river that is now named after him in 1609.

In 1624 the first permanent Dutch settlement was establish at Fort Orange (now Albany). One year later, after the purchase of Manhattan by Peter Minuit from the Indians, the new Dutch colony of New Netherland (now New York City) was established. The English took over New Netherland in 1664, and renamed it New York to honor the Duke of York (York is a city in England).

New York became an independent state in 1776, the year that America declared independence from England’s rule. One year later, in 1777 New York enacted its own constitution. In 1788, New York ratified the United States Constitution and became the 11th state.

The Erie Canal, completed in 1825, runs from Buffalo to Albany and opened the Midwest to development and helped New York city become a world trading center.


The great metropolis of New York City is the nerve center of the nation. It is a leader in manufacturing, foreign trade, commerce and banking, book and magazine publishing, and theatrical production. A leading seaport, its John F. Kennedy International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. New York is also home to the New York Stock Exchange, the largest in the world. The printing and publishing industry is the city’s largest manufacturing employer, with the apparel industry second.

Nearly all the rest of the state’s manufacturing is done on Long Island, along the Hudson River north to Albany, and through the Mohawk Valley, Central New York, and Southern Tier regions to Buffalo. The St. Lawrence seaway and power projects have opened the North Country to industrial expansion and have given the state a second seacoast.

New York farms produce cattle and calves, corn and poultry, and vegetables and fruits. The state is a leading wine producer.

Major Points of Interest

Major points of interest across New York are the Statue of Liberty; Niagra Falls; U.S. Military at West Point; National Historic Sites that include homes of Franklin D. Roosevelt at Hyde Park and Theodore Roosevelt in Oyster Bay and New York City; the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown; and the United Nations in New York City.

New York Colleges and Universities

There are 252 colleges and universities in New York enrolling 880,816 full time students.

The best college in New York is Columbia University in the City of New York and the top public state college is United States Military Academy

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