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Today we are doing a big clean at my home first I have to clean up my room. I don’t want to but I have to, my brother is cleaning his room. Mom and dad… continue reading

100wc #1 – The Robbery

One night my friend was staying the night at my house , my parents were at a birthday party. We got boring pretty quickly so we decided to watch a movie. About half way through… continue reading

100wc #1

...I heard them before I saw them... I heard them before I saw them. It was late at night and I walking home. I was on the footpath,  I heard a sound. First I thought… continue reading

I learn new words

I learn new words in my English class and kno words to capitalize. My new word is character. I have character I like very much. The character is Mimi. Mimi is kind. Mimi is character… continue reading

Meet my dog Zach

George is my dog. His whole body is white except his face. He has little stick legs that trot around the house. He has a cute white curled tail that is regularly up and wagging.… continue reading

Kunming is nice city

I tell you about Kunming. Kunming is nice and pretty. Kunming has 2 name. 1 name is Kunming. 2 name is spring city. Kunming have many many many flower. But Kunming rain many time. I… continue reading