• In the English language, a prepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition. The object of a prepositional phrase is to function as an adjective or adverb.

    In the sentence “I’ve paid this b […]

  • Fashion is always changing and as it changes new words are bound to appear.


    man bun [man buhn]
    The man bun is a male hairstyle featuring a top knot of varying lengths.
    This going to come as a […]

  • 5 words from, “American Born Chinese” by Gene Luen Yang.


    deity [ dee-i-tee ] 神;女神
    A deity is a god or goddess.
    Now the monkey king was a deity in his own right.


    discipline [ dis […]

  • Today’s words are from Barron’s GRE (Graduate Records Examination) high-frequency word list. To successfully pass the GRE you must have a high level of vocabulary. Build your vocabulary by learning how to cor […]

  • Have you ever been in a pickle or stuck in a conundrum? These words are different ways to say that you are in trouble or having some difficulty.


    in a pickle
    phrase; idiom
    If you are in a pickle you […]

  • Today’s words are all adjectives. An adjective is a word such as ‘big’, ‘dead’, or ‘financial’ that describes a person or thing, or gives extra information about them. Adjectives usually come before nouns or after […]

  • Today’s words are natural features of the Earth’s surface, such as a mountain, lake, or river. These different features are called landforms.


    archipelago [ ahr-kuh-pel-uh-goh ] 群岛
    a large gro […]

  • The other day, I came across an uber pastry shop with the most droolworthy puff pastry. Everything was going well until the sales clerk came over and informed me that the shop will soon become a major notspot due […]

  • Binomials, or binomial expressions, are frequently used by native speakers of English. The word order of a binomial pair is usually fixed, and to use them in a different order would sound strange to a native […]

  • Staff Member wrote a new post, Being On An Airplane!, on the site inEnglish 5 months ago

    Fying is very exciting. It is something I enjoy very much. When I fly, I usually fly coach. Of course I prefer to fly first-class but coach is much cheaper. From the moment I board the airplane and look down that […]

  • What is today’s weather forecast? Will it be sunny or cloudy?

    Talking about the weather is a good way to start a conversation with someone, so learn these weather related words.


    forecast [ […]

  • Most people will thank you for doing something for them. You may of helped them fix their car, visited them in the hospital, or simply called to say, “Hello”. But, how do you respond to thier expression of […]

  • Staff Member wrote a new post, Uncountable Nouns #1, on the site inEnglish 5 months ago

    Let’s look at some uncountable, or sometimes called, uncount nouns. Uncountable or uncount nouns are things, substances or ideas that cannot be counted. For example, water. Water is something that we cannot count. […]

    • I anger if my mom told me to take out the garbage. I want to play my friend an make fun.

    • Dora replied 5 months ago

      I know how to say about rice in the picture. I eat 1 bowl of rice or I eat 2 bowl of rice.

      anger=I don’t like anger peope should be happy.
      fun= I like to read books its fun.
      news=I don’t like the news.
      garbage=Garbage is very smell bad.

  • Staff Member wrote a new post, My Favorite Hobby, on the site inEnglish 5 months ago

    Drawing and painting is a fun hobby. I also like coloring pictures with crayons. I use a drawing board to put my paper on, it is better than using a table. When I paint pictures with watercolors I also use my […]

  • Today’s words are from Barron’s GRE (Graduate Records Examination) high-frequency word list. To successfully pass the GRE you must have a high level of vocabulary. Build your vocabulary by learning how to […]

    • Oh man these are useful words and I have example sentences from things I want to do.
      In that time i want to document the population in some capital cities in the world. I want to be careful and dismiss some information that maybe not so safe to use. I hope my study will be profound and people can see sometime the capital city does not mean it have the most people to live there. I think I resolve to make this study.

      I guess I don’t know which sentence to make with resolution. Maybe after the members vote they make a resolution.

  • Do you like sports? Playing soccer, swimming or going out on the court to play basketball? Today’s words are some different kinds of sports, so without further delay let’s dive in (pun […]

    • This is easy.

      1. I like to play and watch soccor.

      2. Football is sport that America people like.

      3. I don’t understand why people like tennis.

      4. My parents think swimming is not safe.

      5. Badminton is to much like tennis.

  • This weekend, I am going to go to the beach. I will be sure to bring my flip flops, beachball, and most importantly, some sunscreen lotion to protect my skin. My favorite activities while at the beach are building […]

  • Lately, I have only bought things that are green. No, I don’t mean the color green. When we say that someone or something is green, we mean that they care for the environment, or that it is safe for the […]

  • Staff Member wrote a new post, Is He Guilty?, on the site inEnglish 5 months, 1 week ago

    Mr. Frye, the Chief Executive Officer for the company, carefully examined the table of data that was presented to him by the state prosecutor. When he was finished, he looked up and said confidently, “I would […]

  • There are a few things that I really want to do these days, but I am not sure that I have enough money to do all of them right now. One, I really want to take a trip to the Bahamas. Two, I am interested at playing […]

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