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    I think I should use “will” instead of “would” but I am unsure.

    – By this time next week, the new members will have completed their orientation.

    Due to “next week” (future), so I use “will”. Is it correct?

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    Today we are doing a big clean at my home first I have to clean up my room. I don’t want to but I have to, my brother is cleaning his room. Mom and dad are cleaning the kitchen so I guess we all cleaning. I Have d […]

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    This is easy.

    1. I like to play and watch soccor.

    2. Football is sport that America people like.

    3. I don’t understand why people like tennis.

    4. My parents think swimming is not safe.

    5. Badminton is to much like tennis.

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    …I heard them before I saw them…

    I heard them before I saw them. It was late at night and I walking home. I was on the footpath,  I heard a sound. First I thought it was a dog just running away. But when I […]

    • Your story held me in suspense and then yikes, racoons! They can be cute but also very scary looking.

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    Oh these are more hard words but i understand.

    I think people eat dog is not humane.
    Maybe people who grow dogs have collusion with boss of restaurant. If I can I will liberate many dogs.

    Other words I don’t use very well.

  • nugget posted an update 6 months ago

    Happy Saturday to everyone . Did you like the thunderstorm last night ?

    • Ada replied 6 months ago

      I did enjoy the thunderstorm. Except I forget to close my window and my desk got some wet though.