• nugget wrote a new post, Cleaning, on the site inEnglish 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Today we are doing a big clean at my home first I have to clean up my room. I don’t want to but I have to, my brother is cleaning his room. Mom and dad are cleaning the kitchen so I guess we all cleaning. I Have d […]

  • Drawing and painting is a fun hobby. I also like coloring pictures with crayons. I use a drawing board to put my paper on, it is better than using a table. When I paint pictures with watercolors I also use my […]

  • It was in the month of June. It was the day that my sister would finally marry. We think all things for so long time to make a perfect day. My sister wanted getting married in the mountains in a chapel. We found […]

  • Everyone knows what a hand is right? Or what a nose is. Even what feet are, but can you name some other body parts that you have? These five words can help you.


    ankle [ ang-kuh l ] 踝
    Your a […]

    • This is funny. He’s armpits are smelly. Means his armpits smell bad. My armpit don’t not be smelly. Ok. My ankle was hurt before and was fat. We not should put our finger in our nostrils.

  • Today’s words are from Barron’s GRE (Graduate Records Examination) high-frequency word list. To successfully pass the GRE you must have a high level of vocabulary. Build your vocabulary by learning how to […]

    • Jack replied 4 months ago

      Oh man these are useful words and I have example sentences from things I want to do.
      In that time i want to document the population in some capital cities in the world. I want to be careful and dismiss some information that maybe not so safe to use. I hope my study will be profound and people can see sometime the capital city does not mean it have the most people to live there. I think I resolve to make this study.

      I guess I don’t know which sentence to make with resolution. Maybe after the members vote they make a resolution.

  • Sally posted an update 4 months ago

    I love the 100 Word Challenge stories that have been posted today. I read all of them.

  • James posted an update 4 months ago

    Wow! Some really great 100 word stories. It is exciting to read your stories.

    • zoe replied 4 months ago

      Yes they are good. I am thinking what to write. Maybe I put my story on tomorrow.

    • Leel replied 4 months ago

      Yes. I think I will try to write also. Good challenge.

  • Ada wrote a new post, 100wc #1 – The Robbery, on the site inEnglish 4 months ago

    One night my friend was staying the night at my house , my parents were at a birthday party. We got boring pretty quickly so we decided to watch a movie. About half way through the movie my friend paused it and […]

  • nugget wrote a new post, 100wc #1, on the site inEnglish 4 months ago

    …I heard them before I saw them…

    I heard them before I saw them. It was late at night and I walking home. I was on the footpath,  I heard a sound. First I thought it was a dog just running away. But when I […]

    • Your story held me in suspense and then yikes, racoons! They can be cute but also very scary looking.

  • Do you like sports? Playing soccer, swimming or going out on the court to play basketball? Today’s words are some different kinds of sports, so without further delay let’s dive in (pun […]

    • This is easy.

      1. I like to play and watch soccor.

      2. Football is sport that America people like.

      3. I don’t understand why people like tennis.

      4. My parents think swimming is not safe.

      5. Badminton is to much like tennis.

  • …I heard them before I saw them…

    • Jack replied 4 months ago

      “The alien are coming!” I hear them shout. I crawl out of my hiding spot to see what is happening.

      “There,” I say to myself. I hear them before I see them, then, in the distance, I sight the aliens.
      “Where are they going?” I think.

      I start following them to see, but someone turns around and sees me. I start running and he starts shooting.

      “There they are!” I shout. I crouch down but he’s still coming to me.

      “Why me?” I shout to him. There’s no answer, so I keep running.

      This is the end – it has come.

  • Nancy wrote a new item, on the site inEnglish 4 months ago

    The woman who sells apples also sells oranges.

  • This weekend, I am going to go to the beach. I will be sure to bring my flip flops, beachball, and most importantly, some sunscreen lotion to protect my skin. My favorite activities while at the beach are building […]

  • Staff Member wrote a new post, Are You Green?, on the site inEnglish 4 months ago

    Lately, I have only bought things that are green. No, I don’t mean the color green. When we say that someone or something is green, we mean that they care for the environment, or that it is safe for the […]

  • Staff Member wrote a new post, Is He Guilty?, on the site inEnglish 4 months ago

    Mr. Frye, the Chief Executive Officer for the company, carefully examined the table of data that was presented to him by the state prosecutor. When he was finished, he looked up and said confidently, “I would […]

  • There are a few things that I really want to do these days, but I am not sure that I have enough money to do all of them right now. One, I really want to take a trip to the Bahamas. Two, I am interested at playing […]

  • I woke up this morning with such enthusiasm for the day ahead of me. I will go visit my father. I always enjoy visiting him early in the day. He is usually sitting on his back porch watching the hummingbirds zip […]

  • What would be a good job to have? I like money, maybe I should be a banker. I am terrible with directions, so that rules out being a taxi driver. Being a security guard would probably require me to work through […]

  • Nancy wrote a new item, on the site inEnglish 4 months, 1 week ago

    Looking for one or some effective English learning methods to improve my English?

  • I said to my friend, “This is for you!” He asked, “What is it?” I told him, “Look in the box.”


    you [ yoo ] 你
    A speaker uses you to refer to the person or people that they are talking a […]

    • 1 you are tall
      2 it is my ball it is green
      3 my ball is in house
      4 my daddy said to write english
      5 my daddy said english is good for me

      • Good sentences Dora. I think your daddy is correct. Did he help you.

        Psssst. Don’t forget to capitilize (write a big letter) your sentences and add an end mark.

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